How To Become A Corporate Travel Agent

13 March 2019
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Corporate travel agents, like those at Dadeland Travel Agency, make travel arrangements for managers, business owners, and employees of corporations. It's important to have a vast knowledge of the travel industry and its trends and also to have knowledge of how the global travel industry works as a whole. How do you become a corporate travel agent? Is it the same training as a regular consumer travel agent receives? There are some differences, in fact. Read More 

5 Reasons To Consider A Destination Wedding

14 September 2018
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If you're engaged and are in the beginning stages of planning your special day, you may be thinking about having a destination wedding. This can be an exciting and fun way to share your love with a few close friends and family. It can also make the whole experience more unique than a traditional wedding ceremony. Keep reading to better understand the reasons as to why a destination wedding is a great idea. Read More 

Visiting Disney World? A Brief Guide To Picking A Resort Hotel

3 October 2017
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Now that you've decided to make a family trip to Walt Disney World, it's time to start the real work: choosing your hotel. The variety of choices that modern visitors have and the array of add-ons can be overwhelming. To help guide you through finding just the right spot, here's a short primer on the lodging experience at the park. The Resort. You start with two choices when it comes to Disney hotels: on the property or off the property. Read More